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Thomas Holland and the Prophecy of Elfhaven Blog Tour

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Tom does not believe in magic.

For a thousand years, the Prophecy of Elfhaven has predicted the arrival of a boy who would irrevocably change their world. But what does that have to do with Tom? with his dog Max? with his robot Chloe? When Tom’s mom and her team of scientists unexpectedly open a portal to another universe they discover a world where magic, not science rules.  And when Tom’s robot, Chloe, is drafted into service to explore that strange new world, it unleashes a bizarre series of events. Events where dragons, wizards, ogres, trolls, elves, dwarves, magic and technology collide; events that propel Tom headlong towards a war that threatens to destroy Elfhaven. Even with the help of his new-found friends, and despite the efforts of his new-found enemies, can Tom save this world or will he inadvertently bring about its destruction?




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For author inspiration: The flight of the Valkyrie

Tom’s favorite song is: enjoys the theme from Harry Potter:

Avani (13 year old elven girl, head strong, magically gifted) enjoys Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Goban (a dwarf lad, always hungry, speaks hip-hop) also drools when he hears: My Songs Know What You Do In The Dark  by Fall Out Boy

Kiran’s (8 year old precocious elf lad. Avani’s younger brother) favorite song: The theme song from Lord of the Rings

Prince Devraj (15 year old conceited elf boy who’s engaged to Avani) is enthralled by the Main Theme from Aliens by Ivan De Jesus:

Bellchar (The troll) enjoys smashing elves while listening to: “You Don’t Dream in Cryo” (Avatar) by James Horner

Naagesh (Evil Wizard) works his favorite spells while humming: the theme from the Disney flick “Maleficent”

Larraj (Good Wizard) likes to relax to the theme from The Hobbit:

Max (Tom’s enormous, slobbering St Bernard) happily drools whenever he hears: “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang (Probably because it was in one of the “Beethoven” movies.)

Juanita (Tom’s mom. A brilliant theoretical physicist who is trying to prove the existence of parallel universes) works out to the theme from Stargate SG1:

Professor Snehal (Grumpy, sniveling magic teacher) thinks he could sing better than Snape in: “The Snape Song” by Kayla Kreger:

King Dakshi (King of the elves of Elfhaven) listens to “The Best of Robin Hood 2010 (Original Soundtrack)” as he goes into battle!



THPOE Characters copy


bellchar grey

Bellchar is a critically acclaimed author in Elfhaven. That’s in a parallel universe, for those of you who don’t know. Obviously, Bellchar is a rock troll. As this is his first novel published on the planet Earth, and due to the fact that there appears to be strong and continued prejudice against rock trolls on this planet, Bellchar has wisely decided to publish on Earth using a “quill name.” The author has chosen to write under the name of a human who befriended him some years back, K. M. Doherty. The two first met when, due to an unfortunate series of mishaps, Bellchar journeyed to the planet Earth. But that’s another story…

KM DohertyK. M. Doherty

K. M. Doherty grew up in eastern Oregon in the shadow of the blue mountains. When he was a young lad he and his dad would stay up late at night watching old movies. But watching movies wasn’t enough. No, they’d painstakingly analyze them, searching here and there for little bits that didn’t work, and then discussing how they could fix them. Perhaps a bit of foreshadowing here, getting a character to stay in character there, adding or removing clues, etc…  They especially loved mysteries and who-done-it’s, trying to figure out ahead of time who the real murderer was and what they did wrong that got them caught! Likewise with heist movies: how the crooks screwed up and how they could have gotten away with it. That was the catalyst that finally led to writing this book. However there were a few detours along the way. For instance, skiing, motorcycling, playing lead guitar in a rock and roll band, aikido, tai chi, acting, drawing, a master’s degree in engineering, working for a time as a hardware and software engineer, racing small sailboats, poker, and pool. Lastly, he loves to read science fiction and fantasy novels and he’s seen way too many movies…



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